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Frequently Asked Questions

Runs - Number of cycles for an order to run

Interval - Break between each run - In minutes.

The basic formula works on Quantity x Runs
Example: Order of 1K with 2 Runs and 1440 Mins (24H) Interval = 2K that will be split into 2 orders (Runs), 1K each and a 24H delay between each order (Interval)

Interval at least 60 Minutes +, Else your orders might stuck.

As the nature of the services, Some Likes/Views/Followers/Commnets can be removed or dropped.

On some services we offer refill period to guarantee that results will stick, If needed, you can use 'Refill Button' that can be found on your orders history or Simply, Ticket us your order ID with Refill Request.

Reach - Number of unique accounts that have seen any of your posts

Impressions - Total number of times your post has been seen

Click on Refill/Cancel button, Trigger our system to check the possibility of refill or cancellation. Sometimes it's too late to stop order and sometimes an order might not need a refill.

- Go to YouTube Studio and click on Analytics

- Then, click on See More on the bottom of the Chart, then click on 'More'. .

- Now you can click on Sharing Services

- Done!, you can now see detailed information about your Social Shares


Please note! Social Shares takes 3-5 days to be updated on your Analytics.

Our panel support Full API Connection, You can run your SMM business 100% Hands-free.

✔️ Connect API ( See API Docs ).
Any other questions? Ticket us


Partial Status - Order completed partially and you have charged only on the part that delivered.